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Image by Mike C. Valdivia

W H Y   P A T A K I ?

Why Pataki?: Issues

When the agents of terror and hate set out to destroy our city after the events of 9/11/01, our city and our freedom came under attack. Awed and inspired by the unity and strength of our state following the tragic aftermath, George Pataki promised a full recovery for New York despite the difficult road ahead, rebuilding from the acts of terror to make sure our freedom and our people would never be vulnerable again. Although setback, the Pataki administration prevailed with its forward agenda for constituents. With the New York State’s economy reinvigorated, pride was restored amongst its people, and the Empire state was revived for the better once again.

This past year, Former Governor Andrew Cuomo disgraced our state, exposing the depth of how corrupt he and his allies truly are. This was unrepresentative of New York’s values, and present Governor Kathy Hochul is only more of the same ineffective leadership. Our people deserve better. We are not a state that promotes victim abuse, cover-ups, and patronage. New York is not an experimental state for leftist ideology, paid for by your tax dollars. Look at the destructive legislative path New York State has been set on since the responsible, efficient and effective leadership of the Pataki administration left office in 2006. We all know the issues far too well: our freedoms are under attack by the Democratic socialists, our taxes are unaffordable, public safety is lacking and housing insecurity is rampant after the economic detriments of the COVID-19 pandemic.

New York cannot afford another term of unreliable leadership. Let’s come together for the sake of our future, and bring back a Governor who will lower taxes, increase affordability, create new jobs, lower welfare dependency, protect the vulnerable, protect our environment, protect our healthcare, increase public safety and enhance our public schools for the youth who are our state’s future.

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