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New York deserves proven leadership. 

Sign the petition to bring Pataki back. 

Since former Gov. George Pataki left office in 2006, New York State has fallen into the hands of the corrupt Democratic machine once again.

A farm boy from Peekskill, NY, Governor Pataki built a New York with stronger standards for its leaders, resulting in a healthier, safer and more successful New York state. Unite behind the fight to save our state, and join us to Bring Back Pataki, he has saved our State before, let's elect him to do it again. Our best days are ahead New York State!

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New York is at a tipping point...

Embattled by leftist ideologues and corrupt bureaucrats, the Democratic Party has left New York less affordable, less safe and less proactive in responding to its citizen’s needs. This is why our state needs Fmr. Governor of New York George Pataki to return, and set our state in the correct path for a better tomorrow.  He has recovered our state from irresponsible leadership before, and he will do it again

His incomparable record speaks for itself. In 1994, Fmr. Governor George Pataki beat the odds against him and defeated former Governor Mario Cuomo. New York needed a new direction, and a fiscally responsible vision to set itself on back on the right track. Through action and responsibility, Fmr. Governor Pataki promised to restore the public’s faith in their leadership, and make the public proud and trusting of their elected leaders. It was time for a new agenda, one that would uphold the forward Republican values of small government, lower taxes, safety, victim protection and environmental preservation. The best of New York State had yet to come, and the former Governor delivered on each of his promises through leadership and courage to get New Yorkers working and paying less taxes. A smaller streamlined government replaced bloated bureaucracy, and the forward minded mentality of the Pataki administration fostered prosperity, giving New York State the promising future, she deserved.  

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